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Custom Designed Panels

EGM Automation designers work hand in hand with end users to generate control panel designs that custom fit a certain machine, specific process, or proprietary system. Customers who work with EGM Automation on control systems designed for a specific purpose benefit from the fact that EGM Automation staff members are “process savvy” thanks to their everyday support of the skid-mounted equipment division at EGM. This daily exposure to machinery and process equipment built for use in pulp and paper, mining, water treatment, chemical manufacturing, oil, and gas industries gives EGM Automation designers an advantage in understanding the language and requirements of customers in these markets. The PLC programming team at EGM can not only program multiple hardware brands and platforms, but they also have the process knowledge and insight to think ahead about program features you may need to foster a system that is operator friendly and reliable. Many PLC programmers know how to simply “enter code” to your exact instruction, but EGM Automation programmers have the experience and insight to be sure they ask the right questions, raise the right concerns, and include the program features you need to avoid repeat “re-programming” for missed details or oversight.


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